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LogoOrange TransparentBG paddedFrom Roger and Jennifer Rodrigo, backtoearthnews editors:

So here we are, December 2021 and what a year it has been. Tumultous. Dramatic. Emotional. With one clear predictability. Climate Change. That is what our Dec/Jan theme is. We hear this phrase everywhere, every time, because we are reminded time and time again, we gotta do something now. In fact we have been told it is already late.

save the planetSo what can each of us do? Personal action is great but it is too short term and it is not enough. It should be combined with collective action. Join the mass groups, sign the petitions, write the letters, vote for the right people . Check out the videos. There is a lot of information out there. From Greta Thunberg (COP26 is a failure) to David Attenborough to quantified information to all the science. Global warming. Climate change. Greenhouse gases. Fossil fuels. Trash. Ocean acidification. Food Insecurity. One essential truth emerges from all this. It is ALL connected. WE are all connected. And there is only one choice: Save our Planet.

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