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Underwater strawberries and deep-sea herbs, a more sustainable alternative to land-based farming?

by Roger Rodrigo

Underwater farms are no more a figment of our imagination. Already there are viable projects that are producing vegetables including tomatoes on a regular basis.

There’s a lot of justification for taking this approach. The United Nations estimates that the world could easily be fed if just 2% of oceans were used for sustainable farming.

One of them is Nemo’s Garden, an underwater farming project consisting of six air-filled plastic pods, or biospheres, anchored at the bottom of the sea off the coast of Noli, Italy.

mardy montano president of the women seaweed farmers in quezon town in palawan credit imelda abano webPic credit: Imelda Abano
Mardy Montano, president, women seaweed farmers in Palawan

It sounds like a rap song though it’s anything but. In fact, it’s a debilitating disease affecting seaweed in the Philippines, creating a dilemma for some of the 90,000 farmers who eke a living in the industry

By Roger Rodrigo

chalin food forest permaculture garden banana Tempat terbaik untuk memulakan dengan mana-mana taman adalah reka bentuk yang baik. Sekiranya anda merancang sebelum anda memulakan, anda akan mempunyai sesuatu yang konkrit untuk dibina daripada hanya pergi bersantai dan memetik tanaman yang mungkin atau mungkin tidak berfungsi dengan baik dan mungkin atau mungkin tidak berfungsi dengan baik di dalam kebun Permakultur. Read More

Prinsip panduan kebun Permakultur adalah anda mereplikasi pola pertumbuhan dan penuaian yang berlaku secara semula jadi. Mana-mana taman yang dirancang dengan mempertimbangkan ini adalah taman Permakultur. Tentukan dan reka bentuk berdasarkan seberapa banyak anda berhasrat menggunakan elemen semula jadi di kebun anda.

Pertama, tentukan seberapa besar kebun anda berdasarkan kawasan yang anda ada untuk menanam.

Kemudian tentukan sama ada anda ingin menanam taman tradisional dengan hanya beberapa ciri reka bentuk Permakultur yang dilemparkan ke dalam atau jika anda mahukan kebun Permakultur bertumpuk lengkap, dari atas ke bawah.

bio 2745378 1920The best place to start with any garden is good design. If you design before you start, you will have something concrete to build from rather than just going on a  whim and picking plants that may or may not do well together and may or may not work well within a Permaculture garden. Read more

The guiding principle of a Permaculture garden is you are replicating patterns of growth and harvest that occur naturally. Any garden designed with this in mind is a Permaculture garden. Decide and design based on how much you intend to use those natural elements in your garden.

First, decide how big your garden will be based upon the space you have available for planting.

Then decide if you want to plant a traditional garden with just a few Permaculture design features thrown in or if you want a complete, top to bottom, stacked Permaculture garden.

Article by : Wan Muhammad Ridhwan Wan Muhammad Hanizan

Untitled e1522138062897Malaysia might not be a country that is known for permaculture, but many of the tropical ancestral practices of our forefathers reveal wisdom and the interconnection of humans and nature. Who would have thought the supposedly simple act of daily burning of excess leaf litter with branches in front of the ‘kampung’ or village house, actually helps fumigate the whole compound off mosquitoes and pests. The burning is done by smothering the burning branches with a thick layer of leaf litter resulting in smoke production and oxygen-less burning. And the other purpose for this habit? 
The branches become biochar for use around the garden!

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