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By the editors

Before you say ‘yuch’ these slimy fellas may soon hold the answer to food waste and food security.

Introducing BLACK SOLDIER FLY LARVAE (BSFL) – 42% protein with high calcium and other nutrients and 29% fat - a sustainable food source used as farm feed, pet food, aquaculture, and human nutrition.

The larvae are eating machines, and can process any sort of organic matter and turn it into this rich source of protein, calcium, essential fats and amino acids. They only eat organic and they love to recycle. In addition to being a good source of oil and protein for animal feed, black soldier fly larvae have the potential of improving organic waste into a rich fertilizer.

While most Western countries don’t typically include insects in their diet, more than two billion people across the world do, according to the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization. Indeed it may be time to accept fly proteins as a major food supply.

Aross the Causeway, a research team from the National University of Singapore are investigating the role black soldier flies and their larvae can play in converting the Republics food waste into clean reusable matter.

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