Daily, we are bombarded with graphic images of dying fish, bleached coral reefs and shorelines awash with litter. Our most precious resource, the oceans are in trouble. Climate change wreaks havoc with rising sea levels, warmer oceans, higher CO2 levels and greater salinity.

IS THERE A BEACON OF HOPE? YES, YES, YES! It comes from an unanticipated corner of Permaculture, a practice that accommodates principles of Permaculture relevant to the oceans. 

Originated by Brian von Herzen and the Climate Foundation, it is known as Ocean Permaculture or Marine Permaculture and promotes the extensive growth of seaweed and kelp forests in various parts of the globe, including the Philippines.

Listen to him in the following video as he bares his thoughts on the exciting plan.

Marine Permaculture, Brian von Herzen, The Climate Foundation with Morag Gramble permacultureeducationinstitute.org

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